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Connecting people Worldwide

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Why ejob

ejob differentiates itself by providing a constructive platform that will set the industry standard in the blockchain world for connecting an individual in search of a service with an individual or organization providing that particular service. When you trade using Bitcoin Code it will help you start an online trading business and in further exploration of Blockchain technology. E-job will allow virtually any service to be advertised on its platform, users on one end will be able to search for services they need on a local and global scale and vice versa, service providers can advertise on a local or global scale.

ejob is completely decentralized, there’s not any room for fake reviews, fake ratings, late payments to service providers, or getting scammed on a service you payed for. E-job will utilize smart-contracts to ensure the work or service payed for is completed and will hold funds until all negotiated terms of both parties are met. E-job is here to change the way business is done with blockchain!

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Current Market

Service Fee’s

If you search the internet for “Freelancing sites”, you’ll find many. The one thing they all have in common are the fees they charge to both the client and Freelancer. These fees are usually around 20% for the freelancer, and 5-10% for the client.

Online services

In today’s times, most freelancing sites limit their services to jobs that can only be completed online. How is ejob different in this area? E-job connects demand for offline services with local supply.


It is rare to find freelancing sites that accept payment other than Credit Card, PayPal, E-check, Bank Transfer, etc. ejob not only accepts the above listed ways to pay, but also multiple types of cryptocurrency payments.

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Thats why we are developing

A platform that will enable professional service providers as well as those in search of services to connect with each other. To provide a secure & transparent manner of doing business we've also implemented the use of smart-contracts.

Our Fees

At ejob we're ambassadors of blockchain technology & cryptocurrency, thats why we accept multiple types of cryptocurrency payments: BTC, ETH, LTC, and E-job tokens. To add our 2 cents to the industry we reward users for paying with cryptocurrency.

Using all of the discounts listed beneath will provide you with a 3% fee discount on your orders.

1 % discount
Paying with Cryptocurrency
0.5 % discount
Paying with Ejob
1 % discount
Sharing on social media
0.5 % discount
Rating service

Online & offline services

Whether you’re an app developer, graphic-designer, mechanic, plumber, or landscaper there are no limits to what can be hosted on this platform. We welcome crypto app developers who can make all-inclusive and user-friendly apps to help young traders to farewell in the business. Go through this bitcoin code software-überprüfung review to learn more.

Obviously, someone looking for a plumber must have a pretty urgent need, ejob will use one’s location to directly cater the best services nearby to the consumer in need.

On a different note, a consumer looking for a web designer can use E-job to find somebody local, however a service such as this one could be outsourced to any web designer in the world. We give the consumer the option to connect with a service provider locally or globally based on their individual necessities.

  • web
  • Handyman
  • Help for moving
  • develop
  • Paintjob
  • Car
    Car Mechanic

Meet Olly

The ejob AI

Who is Olly?

The main goal in this mission is to connect consumers to the right service provider. The future of ejob is going to be something like having a Personal Assistant. Someone that knows who you are and where you’re values, interest and priorities lie, that’s where Olly comes in.

Whenever the user inserts a search query (asks a question) Olly will match the user to one service provider. Olly is not interested in showing you 100’s of choices, Olly is interested in showing the perfect result.

Olly speaks

Olly also speaks


I need someone to paint my house by within the coming week


Hi *name*, good to have you back.

How many walls are we talking about? And what colours do you need?


I need 12 walls to be painted in white.


I’m assuming that there are 3 ceilings included, is that right?




I found your perfect match, this is the type of person I know you’ll like. Only problem is, he is only available for next week.


Okay, I trust your judgement, please book him.


Okay, the price will be $899,- and he will be done in 1 day. Please confirm.


I Confirm.


Great! The appointment is booked. Glad I could help, I’ll keep you posted, Bye!

Olly listens to your input

The user inserts a search query (asks a question), the ejob AI will match the user to one single person or company.

Olly asks you for input

Olly will determine if it has enough information to complete the matching proces, if not it will ask more input to fullfil your request.

Olly is smart

With every activity that takes place on the ejob platform Olly gets smarter, based on this data Olly will be able to think with you and serve the user as good as possible.

Olly is crossplatform

Olly is available on multiple platforms. You can use your phone, tablet, desktop, Amazon Alex, Google Home, Siri and all other future platforms where Olly can be of any value.

  • Google
  • amazon

Our team is working hard to achieve all of these things

ejob Whitepaper V1.1 Launch

In this update we added new features were implementing in ejob.

Waves to ERC20 swap

We're happy to announce that we are going to swap to ERC20, this swap will be done through STEX.

ejob is Live for trading on Bleutrade

To make ejob more available we're adding a new trade!

Building marketing campaign for ejob platform

To get the word out we're allocating resources to marketing.

Release new landing page

To reflect the quality we're building we needed to change our website.

Releasing new ejob explainer video

More information soon.

ejob Whitepaper v1.2 launch

More information soon.

Q4 Frontend design
2019 Q1 Frontend development
Q2 Backend development
Q3 Alpha/Beta test
Q4 Operational
Team & Legal
Circulating supply
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Token details

The ejob token is used on the platform as a form of payment. Paying with ejob will give the user a couple of advantages:

  • - The most secure form of payment
  • - Direct release of funds
  • - Get a discount on job fees

The token will be distributed through multiple channels, as a proffessional you can choose to be payed in ejob token. This way you could benefit of the growing value of ejob as a company.

The platform comes with a digital wallet where you can hold your tokens. Token holders will get advantages on our platform in the form of rewards. There will be multiple jobs to execute within the ejob platform itself. for example: being a jury for escalated jobs. We believe in a decentralised future and including the people to form a community.

  • Token Name Ejob
  • Token Short Name Ejob
  • Circulating Supply 18.601.104.661 tokens
  • Maximum Supply 60,000,000,000 tokens
  • Token Type ERC20
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ejob Desktop Wallet - Public Beta - 0.0.2

  • The wallet is aimed at beginners who would like to use a simple one-click desktop wallet. This is a single token and Ethereum only wallet.
  • This wallet will only interact with the ejob ERC20 contract.
  • The web wallet is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

Windows wallet - EXE download

Mac Wallet - DMG download

How to buy Ejob tokens

Current Exchanges

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    Since november 15th
  • bleu
    Since december 14th
  • crex24
    Since december 14th
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